9 Year Mortgage: 5 Signs of an Inferior Tax Preparer


9 Year Mortgage: 5 Signs of an Inferior Tax Preparer

9 Year Mortgage, we know that taxes are stressful enough as it is. Having to deal with an unethical or simply inferior preparer will only make your experience worse, especially if it sets you up for an unpleasant audit later on.

In 2010, professionals handled over 60% of tax returns, but even with the assurance of a professional’s help, many people still end up with mistakes in their filing. At a quick look at 19 different tax preparers, a 2006 study found that all 19 made mistakes that could have saved their clients money.

Its important to make sure you are getting the real deal as you search for a worthwhile tax professional. 9 Year Mortgage suggests these as a few tips to help you weed out the less than best options out there.

You might want to keep looking if:

Nine Year Mortgage - tax refund

The preparer guarantees a big refund. One of the biggest scams in the world of taxes are professionals who lure you in with the promise of the largest refund, before even looking at your financial documents. 9 Year Mortgage knows that sometimes in order to do this, they will manipulate the numbers in order to get you the promised return. That can lead to much bigger problems for you with the IRS down the road.

The preparer doesn’t have the right credentials. Before agreeing to work with a “professional,” make sure that is really what he/she is. The IRS supplies tax specialists with a Preparer Tax Identification Number, so if the representative you are talking with cannot provide their PTIN to you, 9 Year Mortgage suggests that it is probably best to move on.

Your refund won’t get deposited into your bank account. If your potential tax preparer insists on your refund check being made out to his/her company, or likewise insists on having it deposited into an account that doesn’t have your name on it, it could be a huge clue that your refund won’t make it back to you when all is said and done.

The preparer charges their fee based on a percentage of your refund. Any respectable tax preparation firm will charge a flat fee for their services, based on the extent of your financial situation. Having the preparer ask to base their fee on a percentage of your return is a red flag that they will beef up your refund as much as possible, even through using less than honorable methods.

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Even after making sure all the other factors check out, 9 Year Mortgage believes that  it is always best to check with the BBB. If the tax preparer you’re considering isn’t on the list of unblemished businesses, you should probably find someone else to handle your important information.

With all of this said, we at 9 Year Mortgage know it is vital to realize that the vast majority of tax professionals are ethical and great at what they do. With your name and money on the line, it is simply better to check to make sure you’ve gotten one of the many good ones.

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