9 Year Mortgage: A Smaller Wedding Price Tag

9 Year Mortgage recommends you use these ideas when planning and paying for a wedding 

Is your son or daughter getting married? 9 Year Mortgage discusses ways to save money on formal events:

In the middle of financial uncertainty, 9 Year Mortgage understands that a large event such as a wedding may seem impossible to pull off; as a parent paying for an event like a wedding for your child can be a heavy burden.  A memorable wedding can still take place even when you and your child are on a tight budget. Encourage the bride and groom to down size the stress and money are sure to be significantly reduced as they do so. The money that you could spent on a lavish wedding could then be used towards buying the couple’s first home or paying down existing debts instead of hurting your finances.

9 Year Mortgage encourages you to not go into debt when planning and paying for a wedding in your family instead, use the following ideas to create a budget friendly wedding:


Nine Year Mortgage - Wedding

Keep it small

These days a lot of couples getting married are willing to have a smaller wedding in the interest of saving money. Inviting fewer guests makes for a more intimate event shared with loved ones and you’ll be saving thousands of dollars accommodating fewer people.

Go non-tradition

Having the wedding in a simple outdoor location this is often less expensive than using a traditional venue, church or synagogue. Furthermore, many couples opt to have a friend or family member performed their ceremony rather than paying a professional to officiate. Non-traditional clothing for the bridal party is another big way to save. If you are able to move away from some traditional aspects of tradition you will have more money to spend in other areas.

Rent the dream dress

Wedding dresses are tremendously expensive and only worn once so why not rent it instead of using most of your wedding budget on that one item. Often bridal rental shops carry designer dresses and include dry-cleaning and fitting costs in the rental fee.

Don’t use a wedding planner

Do it yourself weddings are very common and the cost of a wedding planner is too high so, reduce wedding expenses by doing the planning yourself.

Simplify the rehearsal dinner

Have a comfortable dinner at your house; pick up a few basic trays of cheese, fruit and some salads instead of preparing a full meal of everyone.

Change the time of the wedding

Another way to cut wedding costs is to change the timing of the event; you could plan the ceremony in the late morning and a brunch or picnic lunch afterwards. Breakfast and lunch food is much more cost-effective than the stake and salmon commonly served at dinner time.  Another option is to host a short reception with just dessert. If you plan to serve alcoholic drinks limit it two a few options of bottled drinks, you could even make custom wedding labels for each bottle. Not serving a full dinner and not having a full bar will really improve the overall food and beverage cost and it can still be a charming event.

No fancy bakery needed

A wedding cake could be one of your highest wedding costs if you buy it from an expensive specialty bakery but you can find inexpensive cakes at most grocery stores and you’ll be surprised how beautiful they can be for a fraction of the price. Also cup cakes are a trendy alternative to traditional, high-priced wedding cake. You don’t have to spend a ton on a delicious dessert.

9 Year Mortgage hopes that if you plan son or daughter’s wedding decide your budget as stay within your means.  A wonderful event for your child is totally possible so, enjoy the celebration.

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