9 Year Mortgage: Costs to Not Over Look during Retirement Planning

9 Year Mortgage: Costs to Not Over Look during Retirement Planning

9 Year Mortgage sees retirements are lasting longer these days and encourages you to be ready for all the expenses that will come your way. You’ll most likely need to stick to a tight budget after you retire.  Don’t forget to budget and save for the following expenses that you may have passed over:

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  1. Travel costs: 9 Year Mortgage knows there are some plans you can’t foresee when planning for retirement such as some travel. The Cost of trips to see loved ones, attend funerals, weddings or to meet a new grand-baby can add up. As you plan to leave the work force make an effort to put some money away for these unexpected trips you’ll want to take down the road.
  2.  Medical Care: You may not anticipate needing long-term medical attention now, but it never hurts to be prepared for surprise health care needs. 9 Year Mortgage advises you to save a generous portion for these unexpected medical needs as part of your retirement plan. Not having the proper savings for medical costs can have a ghastly effect on the quality of your retirement so make sure the funds are in place for such a situation.
  3. Assisting an aging parent: with longevity on the rise you may be lucky enough to spend a few more years with an elderly parent however, their retirement savings may run out and require a little extra help for you. 9 Year Mortgage recommends you help your parents during their retirement planning phase to be sure they have the funds they’ll need and be willing to help them as they age.
  4. Helping your kids: lots of young adults are struggling to stay on their feet financially as the economy begins to improve. You may still feel inclined to help your adult children with money from time to time. As you plan for retirement give yourself a little excess to allow for helping with their expenses.
  5. The cost of Inflation:  It is essential for retirees to plan on inflation regulating their ability to spending and the value of the money they have saved. Once you stop working you’ll no longer receive cost of living increases to your pay check to lessen the effect of inflation. Prepare your retirement savings to account for the dollar fluctuating so you don’t find yourself with less than you need.

Leaving the workforce and entering retirement is one of the most exciting transitions in life.  As with all stages of life you will deal with the unexpected and financial preparation is vital. 9 Year Mortgage hopes you will take the necessary steps to be truly prepared for all this new chapter of life will bring and then be able to relish a long and happy retirement.

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