9 Year Mortgage: Forgiving Yourself for Financial Mistakes

9 Year Mortgage: Forgiving Yourself for Financial Mistakes

9 Year Mortgage recognizes that no one is perfect and as you strive to become in control financially, you may slip up from time to time. While you may feel remorse and guilt for the mistakes you have made with money it is important to move forward. 9 Year Mortgage invites you to focus on the positive instead of beating yourself up; here are 5 ways to move on after a bad financial decision.

First, discuss the situation with a trusted loved one or friend:

Financial topics are sometimes off-limits in conversation however; it can be helpful to get your regrets off your chest by voicing them. Many people feel burdened by negative thoughts after making the wrong economic decision. Consider who you know that is trust worthy and non-judgmental, and share with that person the emotions you feel for your mistakes and your regrets. Sharing your burden with a friend or spouse reminds you that you are not alone; there are people you can look to for moral support. Admitting your short comings with money will have a therapeutic effect.

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Second, explain what mindset lead to make financial mistakes:

Did you have an expectation that prompted your financial decisions? Verbalizing your motivation will help you not make the same mistake again and will allow you to come to terms with your past decisions. If your emotions are clouding your mind you might ask someone close to you to help you look at your intentions and pinpoint why you did what you did.

Third, allow yourself to let it go:

It is important to give yourself a little slack and remember mistakes are part of any learning process. You’re a human being and you’re bound to slip up every once in a while. By not forgiving yourself, you compromise you physical and mental well-being which can lead to sickness and depression. 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to let go of deep-rooted regrets and move forward.

Keep in mind that moving on doesn’t mean you haven’t learned from your mistakes. It is possible to find peace with money disasters while taking the necessary steps that insure you don’t repeat them. Do your best to gain perspective as you remember that a financial mistake is only a small part of your life and does not define who you are. The essential process of forgiving yourself may take some time but putting bad financial habit in the past where they belong is a satisfying experience.

Fourth, look for the positive:

Tough situations often bring out the best in you. Your financial past may be rocky, but consider how much you have grown and what you have learned in the process. Are there doors opening to you that otherwise would have been closed? There is a lot to skills to gain from financial struggles. Look for hidden benefits and you’ll find significant, positive outcomes.

Fifth and finally, plan for a successful future:

After finding the value of your situation, begin planning what you will do to create a better financial future. 9 Year Mortgage hopes you will set a goal and plan the specific steps you will take to reach it. The bad choices you made with money don’t make you who you are however, what you do to overcome errors will show your true colors. There are countless resources available as you get back on track. Take advantage of beneficial free services like online banking to keep track of your spending and saving and see if 9 Year Mortgage can help you on your path to a financially secure tomorrow.

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