9 Year Mortgage: How to Save Money on Your Telecom Bill

9 Year Mortgage

 9 Year Mortgage: How to Save Money on Your Telecom Bill


9 Year Mortgage wants people to know a secret for getting lower prices on their TV, internet, and phone bills. All it takes is a phone call to reel in some major savings. So often, people will continue to pay more for their current provider, even though the facts show that switching to a different provider almost always gets you a new custumer discount. So why not use that information in your favor, without having the hassle of switching from a provider you enjoy, as well as paying new activation and installation costs?

All you have to do is call your current provider and fill them in on the fact that you have been shopping around for lower prices. Because the media is so lucrative, these companies are all financially able to give you a discount, at least temporarily, in order to make sure you stay in business with them. This tactic seems so simple, and yet seven out of ten customers won’t make the call. These tips from 9 Year Mortgage should help make that call a little easier to manage.


9 Year Mortgage’s Tips for Telecom Price Negotiation:


  • Organize information and prices from other providers before you call your company. If you have real promotions from elsewhere to talk to your provider about, there is a higher chance they will work with you to lower your costs.
  • Call customer service and try to reach the Retention Department. This is the department that specifically works to keep you as their customer. They will have the most power when it comes to lowering your costs.
  • Accept or oppose their offer. If you have been paying full prices for about half a year, the company will likely drop your bill by $20 or more for 6-12 months. That is a great discount, however, you can always ask for more. If not a lower price, you can request a free DVR or other free features.
  • If your company is being stubborn about lowering your rate, ask them to just go ahead and cancel the service. This will bring out their best offer for a lower rate. Schedule the cancellation a few weeks in the future, so that if they still won’t budge on the price, you can call back and keep your service without interruption.
  • After your acquired promotional prices are gone, you can always call back in and try it again. The company might be more hesitant to give you a promotion again, but they will likely do it. Especially if you’ve been paying normal prices again for a while again.

The possible savings are immense! With a potential for $20-$50 of savings a month, you could be saving around 200-600 dollars a year! 9 Year Mortgage wants you to be able to save as much as possible and stay above water financially. This method of saving some cash is completely honest. The telecom providers are aware of this happening and they are fine with it, as long as they are keeping you as a customer. You can call in very politely and still have this work, no need to be harsh in order to get some savings. Telecom companies are willing to help keep their loyal customers happy. In 2011, 90% of the people who called in to their telecom company received a reduction in their price.

In addition to this foolproof tip, when trying to lower media costs 9 Year Mortgage also suggests some other possibilities. Using a television show provider like Netflix or Hulu can cut out cable costs completely. If you have a cell phone, you can also save by eliminating a home phone. Saving money is always important, and 9 Year Mortgage believes that all these suggestions can help put some extra cash back into your pocket.

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