9 Year Mortgage: How to Spend less in Retirement

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9 Year Mortgage discusses what costs to cut when you retire.

When preparing to retire 9 Year Mortgage recommends you create a financial plan for even monthly and daily expenses. As you look over your potential budget you may be surprised how seemingly tiny expenses made frequently will add up over time. 9 Year mortgage encourages you start trimming your expenditures now in order to ease the shift to living without a salary. Here are some areas you should consider reducing.

Reduce television costs

Paying for cable may not be the best option once you retire; there are less expensive options for viewing media like Netflix and other sites on the internet or a more basic cable package. Watching less television will not only save you money, it can actually help you enjoy your retirement more fully as well. Canceling your cable may be a great option that gets you more involved in productive endeavors after you retire and save you money at the same time.

Cut back on subscriptions

While 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to take time to read as a retiree, the cost of magazine subscriptions is one place you can save. If your budget leaves you little spending money you might consider substituting a library card for reading materials instead of paying subscription fees.

Stop paying for a landline

If you are paying for a cell phone plan and you have the internet in your home you don’t need to pay for a home phone too. You can find services on the web that allow you to make free calls throughout the U.S. while still using your normal phone. In addition, using a prepaid cell phone can cost you less than a month to month contract and still keep you in touch. Nine Year Mortgage Grandfather on porch

Make fewer trips to the coffee shop

Now that you will have a slower pace of life it might be wise to spend less on caffeinated beverages. Trips to the coffee shop can cost individuals upwards of $1000 annually. 9 Year Mortgage recommends you make you start making coffee at home in your extra time as a retiree, or simply take a nap when you are low on energy in the afternoons.

Exercise instead of driving

For many retirees driving is their highest cost considering insurance, gas and vehicle’s costs. Walking or riding a bike is one smart way to save money on transportation after you retire; walking or biking will insure you get plenty of exercise leading to better overall health. In addition, you may want to sell a car that you use less frequently and be sure to make changes to your insurance accordingly. Considering more economical alternatives like these before hoping in the car can extend your retirement and save you lots of money over time. Just as compound interest adds up over time regularly occurring expenditures, however small, will impact the quality of your retirement and your lifestyle. The money you save on these everyday expenses can rescue you in the event of unanticipated medical bills.  9 Year Mortgage hopes you will use your new free time to practice good financial habits to ensure you’ll have a long and gratifying retirement.

Will The 9 Year Mortgage Plan Work For Me?

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