9 Year Mortgage: Must Have Conversations When Planning Retirement Together

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9 Year Mortgage: Must Have Conversations When Planning Retirement Together

9 Year Mortgage sees that couples often have different expectations when it comes to their retirement.   It is important to discuss your retirement plans in-depth and become sure that you and your spouse are on the same page for this big life change. If each of you has a clear view of what your spouse wants you’ll avoid many frustrations that can arise during this big transition.

As you and your spouse prepare for retirement and the lifestyle changes it brings we recommend you consider and discuss the following together:

  • How do you want to spend your time and what location will fit you best?

Finding the right surroundings for the two of you is an important aspect of retirement planning. You may want a tranquil lifestyle while your spouse might prefer to keep a more active pace and it is important to take both of those wishes into consideration before solidifying your plans. Take time to understand what your spouse viewpoint as well as what you both want as a couple. 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to find compromises as you discuss your specific goals for retirement.

  • What duties will each of you have once you leave the work force?

Conflicts will arise if daily tasks aren’t equally distributed between you and your spouse. Some tasks and responsibilities might need to change at home after retirement. 9 Year mortgage hopes you will re-evaluate what needs to be done by whom beforehand. While dividing up domestic chores take into consideration each of your strengths and weakness. Be flexible and make the most of the added time you are able to spend at home with your loved ones.

  • What activities do you enjoy doing together?

Your retirement should be spent doing the things you love with those you love. As retirement draws closer take time to consider what you and your spouse like doing together and what you always wanted to try but never have. What haven’t you had time to do that you both enjoy? Are there trips the two of you would like to take? Sports or games you’d like to begin playing? Plan together what activities you’ll do to stay physically fit, mentally engaged and strong as a couple.

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  • What activities will you each do independently?

Although time together is vital individual time is important as well. 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to each cultivate interests and allow you to be by yourself from time to time. Engaging in some separate interests is healthier than never leaving your spouse’s side. Be sure you both understand that you need time apart in order to appreciate the time you have together and develop as an individual.

  • What objectives would you like to achieve?

Making and pursuing goals will insure you find fulfillment in your life outside the work force. 9 Year Mortgage encourages making individual goals and goals together.

  • Should you move to a smaller home or new location?

You and your spouse should consider if your present home is where you’d like to spend your retirement; moving to a smaller home could be a good idea in your situation. A downsize can be beneficial in helping you lower your expenditures and you may also benefit from the change in scenery. Would the two of you prefer a warmer climate?

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  • How will you break down the budget?

After you retire you may be on a fixed income for the first time and it’s wise to make a budget to match. Also make a game plan for who will be in charge of making each bill payment. Money can be a source of conflict in any marriage if both partners don’t address and resolve financial issue together. 9 Year Mortgage hopes you will discuss with your spouse how you will share funds before these changes in your income take place.

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