9 Year Mortgage Recommends 6 Tricks for Finding Cheaper Airfare

6 tricks from 9 Year Mortgage on finding cheaper

Summer is around the corner, and travel plans are being made. In these hard economic times it can be difficult to plan a vacation that won’t break the bank. It’s tempting to purchase inexpensive vacation packages, such as the ones offered by Groupon or discount travel sites, but these aren’t actually budget-friendly unless you can find inexpensive airfare to get to your destination. 9 Year Mortgage provides a few tips to help you get the best deal on airfare for your summer vacation this year.

  • Book tickets in advance.  According to a study by the Airlines Reporting Corporation, passengers pay the lowest price if they buy six weeks before their flight. After reviewing data from the last four years, the agency discovered that most people got the best deal when booking a month and a half in advance. While this is not a guaranteed strategy for finding the absolute cheapest flight, on average this approach works for saving you money. 9 Year Mortgage suggests not waiting until the last-minute hoping for a cheaper flight. During the summer, booking last-minute flights is generally not the best way save, especially if you are buying tickets for a large family.
  • Check for morning deals. Airlines post a limited number of seats at a reduced fare at night, so check for flights in the morning. Those tickets may sell out later in the day so the early morning is the time you’ll see most of these deals available. 9 Year Mortgage also suggests signing up for alerts through an airfare website, which will send you emails letting you know when fare prices drop.
  • Fly on Wednesday.  Since fewer people fly on Wednesdays, there are more seats available, which means more tickets at cheaper prices are sold. Other low-cost days to fly are Tuesday and Saturday. 9 Year Mortgage cautions against flying on Friday and Sunday, which are the most expensive days to travel.
  • Take the early flight. The cheapest flight is typically the first flight of the morning. Taking the early flight generally means getting up at the crack of dawn. 9 year Mortgage knows this isn’t ideal, but the money you’ll save is worth it. The next-cheapest flight times are during the early afternoon or at the dinner hour. The absolute cheapest time to fly is on those limited routes with red-eyes.
  • Check low-cost airlines individually. While Comparison sites like seem like an easy way to access pricing for all airlines, they don’t necessarily have all of the information. Some low-cost airlines, like Southwest don’t allow their tickets to be quoted on popular comparison websites, so be sure to check them separately. 9 Year Mortgage suggests that you  be sure to do your homework to make sure the so-called “low-cost” airline doesn’t tack on extra fees that drive up the cost, like a hefty baggage-check charge.
  • Build a relationship.  If you’re an elite member of the airline’s frequent-flyer program or if you have a credit card that’s tied to the airline, you automatically have an advantage on other travelers. Credit cards tied to the airlines now offer perks that were once standard, such as free checked bags, priority boarding, and seat selection. While 9 Year Mortgage doesn’t advise getting unnecessary credit cards, they may be worth signing up for if you fly frequently on one airline.

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November 12, 2013

Emma Parker @ 6:57 pm #

These were great tips! A few related things come to mind:

I definitely recommend finding low cost airlines. You can usually find out which airlines fly into which airports on wikipedia, and then you can look them up individually from there.

I also found some of the tips on http://anyonecantravel.com/ helpful too. So that’s a good investment. Make sure to google around too!

Oh, and of course Kayak and Skyscanner. Duh. Their flight alerts are low-maintenance and can turn up great deals.

Thanks again for the great article.

Thanks for the awesome list of tips!

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