9 Year Mortgage Shares 7 Secrets of Credit Card Companies

9 Year Mortgage Shares 7 Secrets of Credit Card Companies

No. 1: You’re the one in control

9 year mortgage want you to remember that the card issuers work for you, you do not work for them. You have power as a credit card holder if you do things right, especially if you have a high credit score. When you’re at about 750 with your credit score you have a good bargaining position, and remember you can bargain with your credit card companies.

No. 2: Lower your Interest Rate

If you get an offer for a card with a lower interest rate, a good way to bargain with your card company is to tell them you are contemplating switching for a lower interest rate but are concerned because you have been a loyal customer for so long. Ask them if there is a possibility you can get a lower interest rate on the card you already have through them, and you might be surprised at what they can do to help you. Remember that sometimes the service representatives are not very helpful, in these cases you should ask for a supervisor and see what they can do for your interest rate.

No. 3: Be tactful before getting a new card

If you do decide to get a new credit card it is best to always act indifferent so the card issuer offers you the best possible service. Its best to say you are looking at a few different offers from issuers and are looking to become a card holder but want to invest in the best company, tell them that the other card doesn’t have an annual fee. (they might take the annual fee and waive it for you) Its always best to try all your options.

No. 4: When banks raise interest rates you don’t really get a 45 days notice

The truth about banks raising interest is that the higher rate starts accruing after 14 days not 45 so by the time you get the notice you didn’t have a chance to switch from paying the higher rate. But legally credit card companies are not doing anything wrong, they are just being tactful as well. So what do you do about this? when you get the notice in the mail be aware of the post mark date so that you are prepared for the higher interest rates and the banks cant trick you.

No. 5: Getting a late fee removed

9 year mortgage emphasizes that being kind is always the best way of getting people to help you. It is possible to get late fees removed on your card if you call the issuer and express what happened that one time and express that it wont happen again. Most often issuers will be willing to work with you.

No. 6: Eliminating– or reducing — an annual fee

Again if your issuer does not budge at eliminating an annual fee it is still always worth asking. If that doesn’t work you can ask to have it cut in half, this has worked for many people in the past and it might work for you.

No. 7: Ask to have your credit limit raised

When you contact your issuer never get angry when they wont raise your limit this can only make things worse. If you start out the conversation by giving reasons as to why you deserve to have this increase they will put this into consideration. Saying things about stable employment, just getting a raise at work, never having a late payment and so on will help the process.

Wrapping it up with 9 Year Mortgage

Remember that credit card companies will work with you, if you are aware that they can do more to help you then they lead on. 9 year mortgage would like to remind you to always ask for fees to be waived and express the value that you are to your credit company as a long term customer.

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