9 Year Mortgage Shares Four Simple Ways You Can Begin Saving

Four Simple Ways You Can Begin Saving with 9 Year Mortgage

At 9 Year Mortgage we understand, saving money doesn’t come as easy as spending. It is difficult to put money away for a rainy day when finances are tight to begin with. Saving may not give you the instant gratification that purchasing new items will but, in the long run you’ll feel a lot of satisfaction watching your savings grow.

Saving money now will lead to financial stability later in life and can help provide financial independence though retirement. Developing the habit of saving won’t come easy; most of us have to consciously fight our impulse to buy things. The following is a list of tips that 9 Year Mortgage recommends as you begin to financially preparer for the future.

Hold On To Loose Change

Even pennies add up over time. Get a piggy bank, jar or cup from your kitchen and collect those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters; get in the habit of emptying your pockets into the jar at the end of the day and once the jar is full take it to the bank and deposit it into your savings account. It may not be an enormous amount but, every penny counts.

Round Up

Each time you spend money get in the habit of rounding up to the nearest dollar amount. If you spend $15.20 at lunch take the remaining 80 cents and save it. Use technology like online banking or your smartphone banking app to transfer the remaining change over to savings and you’ll be surprised how that extra little bit adds up in your account.

Make Saving a Scavenger Hunt

Make a game out of finding and saving a bill with a specific marking, year or number on it.  You might know a person who never spends ten-dollar bills; once they are given one it goes right to savings. Choose a bill that works for you and start a search. Having a game like this can make you more conscious of your money and it is a creative and enjoyable approach to saving.

Set an Automatic Transfer

Ask your bank if you can set a programmed transfer from your checking account to your savings account at a specified time each month. This is one of the simplest ways to save; you’ll increase your savings without even thinking. Your bank will do the thinking for you and you will be surprised how fast that money grows in your savings account.

Also, Remember Technology is Your Friend

Use your online banking to only put what you need in your checking account. It’s more difficult to impulse spend if the money isn’t readily available in your account.

There are countless ways to save money on a daily basis. 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to get creative as you work to improve your savings situation.

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