9 Year Mortgage: The Fastest Ways to Increase your Credit Rating

9 Year Mortgage gives a few suggestions for getting a better credit score more rapidly.

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Improving your credit rating will take time however, there are ways to jump-start this process and see results rapidly. When trying to clean up your credit score, 9 Year Mortgage recommends beginning the process by following these steps:

First, reduce credit balances

An effective way to lift your credit rating is to pay a larger portion towards your credit cards and lessen your credit balances. This will improve your debt to credit ratio and drive up your credit score but, be sure not to put large amounts back on your cards soon after because credit bureaus want to see consistency. When it comes to better credit, less debt is usually superior.

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Review your report

9 Year Mortgage recommends you check your credit with all three agencies annually in order to have a clear understanding of your credit situation. You can access your credit report from each agency for free once a year on the internet. Regularly examining your past credit use is a great way to hold yourself accountable for bad credit habits and find ways to improve. In addition, it is not uncommon for the credit bureaus to make mistakes, so get in the habit of look for and contesting any errors you find. Becoming familiar with your credit score and report is a necessary step in improving your credit rating overall.

Stop making late payments

Forgetting to make even just one payment can drop you score from 850 to 750 and if you miss a second payment that issue will be reflected on your credit for 7 years afterwards. The best way to combat these kinds of slip-ups on your credit report is to ending the trend of late payments and catch-up if you are behind. Putting you bills on an automatic transfer is a helpful way to ensure the payment is made on time. Making a resolution to never be late again and keeping that resolution will steadily improve your credit.

9 Year Mortgage hopes you will make a commitment and take the appropriate steps towards a better credit rating.

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