9 Year Mortgage: Tips for Spending Less when Eating Out

9 Year Mortgage: Tips for Spending Less when Eating Out

9 Year Mortgage sees most of us spend a large percentage of our monthly income on eating out. This wine and dine lifestyle can get expensive and may be preventing you form saving or reaching important financial goals. The best alternative to eating out is preparing your meals frugally at home, but that isn’t always possible in today’s society. For those times when eating out is just too appealing, make sure you stay budget savvy while you dine by using these tips:

1. Split a meal: most restaurants server heaping portion on every plate and that rarely leaves room for dessert or starting with appetizers. Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach and leftovers often end up go to waste. Instead of overeating or wasting food, 9 Year Mortgage suggests you split a meal with a friend or your spouse. If you share your entree you may have room to share a dessert and your bill will end up being significantly less.

2. Go earlier: by simply adjusting your plans by a few hours you can take advantage of significant deals on your meal. If you make it an early dinner an early bird discount or happy hour special might be available. Additionally, you can save by choosing a lunch date instead of dinner; often you can find the foods you love for a much lower price during the lunch hour. Restaurants try to increase business at the slower times of the day and often reward customers who come in during those off hours. Download apps on your smart phone that will alert you of the perks of dining early in the day or look for promotions in your local newspaper.

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3. Look for coupons and discounts: In addition to alerting you about early bird deals, your electronic devices can open up a world of discounts with a simple internet search. You can sign up to receive text or email updates that keep you a buzz to daily deals at certain restaurant locations. There are deals online that will get you free items, buy one get one free deals, and even save you as much as 90% of the cost of your meal. Some restaurants have special offers like if you buy a gift certificate in advance some places give you half off the price for your meal.  9 Year Mortgage encourages you to always take a moment and search the web for a coupon before you head to any restaurant. You’ll be surprised how much more affordable dinning out will become when you take advantage of these online promotions.

4.Use social media: many social media sites like Yelp, Facebook and Foursquare allow you to “Check in” using your tablet or smartphone. “Checking in” can get you special offers that can help you save on your meal. You can also make reservations on certain sites and earn points towards gift cards at your favorite spots. Ask your server about the restaurant’s social media deals and let your social networking save you money on your meals.

5.Bring your own beverage: Most restaurants over charge for alcohol earning them extremely high profits on your drink purchases. If you like a bottle of wine when you dine out, 9 Year Mortgage recommends, you call the restaurant beforehand and ask if you can bring your favorite wine from home. Bringing your own beverage will cut the cost of your dinner substantially and keep you from paying a high markup on alcohol.

If getting out on the town is important to you, you don’t have to abandon you financial goals to do so. 9 Year Mortgage hope you will remember that staying within a tight budget will require some extra planning but being budget saving at good restaurants is possible. By planning ahead and looking for discounts you’ll find yourself spend less money and still enjoy magnificent dining experiences.

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