9 Year Mortgage Warns: Paying with Plastic Works Against your Weight in the Grocery Store

9 Year Mortgage Warns: Paying with Plastic Works Against your Weight in the Grocery Store

Dieters, beware. Studies have shown that grocery shopping with a credit or debit card instead of cash increases the amount you spend on sweets and fattening foods by about 40%.

The logic behind this isn’t earth shattering, but it is still good to know if you want to keep your spending and your weight in check. 9 Year Mortgage knows that when you use cash, there has to be prior planning involved in the grocery list, and then there has to be a visit to the ATM for the right amount of cash.  Your credit or debit card is there for a quick craving, but overall, cash is the better option for major grocery shopping.

Making cash calculations for food also gets your brain working more. When you make yourself sit down and figure out exactly how much you can and will spend on groceries, it is more common to buy less and to buy healthier at the same time.

9 Year Mortgage suggests a few ideas to make sure plastic won’t end up ruining your diet:

Pay for food with cash.  Even though your credit or debit card is more convenient, it is proven that using cash will help to fight the impulse to buy a lot of unhealthy foods. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that people who used plastic at the store spent, indeed, 40% more on junk food. The amount of healthy foods doesn’t differ between those paying cash or using a card, only the amount of unhealthy foods purchased. 9 Year Mortgage would point out that a huge 86% of shoppers use plastic at this point.

A hybrid approach. For those people unwilling or unable to give up the convenient use of plastic at the grocery store, try to at least use cash for the unhealthy purchases. 9 Year Mortgage suggests that you will likely find that the unhealthy foods end up staying on the shelves. That is, unless it’s something you really want and are willing to make the effort to get cash to buy.

Limit your funds. If you enter a store with $50 cash rather than a credit card with a $5000 limit, you will likely spend a lot less while there.  9 year Mortgage suggests another similar method: load a debit card with the amount your budget allots for groceries, and then once the money in there is gone, it’s gone. This is a modern method of an old trick, where you actually “trick” yourself into staying on track with the purchases you make.9 Year Mortgage | Credit Card

Make and stick to a grocery list. Making a grocery list should be more than just listing the important things you can’t forget.  It needs to include everything you plan to buy, and specifically not include the things you don’t plan on buying.  That way when you get to the store, you aren’t tempted by that alluring candy isle.

Avoid temptation. 9 Year mortgage knows that virtually everywhere, even vending machines, now accept plastic. Because of that, it is nearly impossible to avoid all temptations to swipe your card for a tasty treat. It is important to keep your wallet in check. One suggestion from an expert involves putting your purse in your trunk if you are driving by fast food restaurants during a time of day that you’re hungry.

9 Year Mortgage knows that for the same reasons that plastic makes it easy to get into debt, it can also promote unhealthy eating habits. The most important thing to remember in either regard is to be mindful with any purchase you make.

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