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The Future of Paper Money

9 Year Mortgage believes Richard Russell knew what he was talking about when he said, “There is only one certainty regarding paper money — the longer you hold it, the less it will buy in terms of real goods or real money.”  Voltaire essentially said the same thing, just in a different way when he said “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value — zero.”

The  Future of  Precious  Metal  According  to 9 Year Mortgage

We’ve seen in the last few years that the economy has been struggling significantly, to say the least. Yet, in this down economy there has been a group of  investments that has skyrocketed!  Precious metals have proven to be quite the investment, especially since November of 2008 when the stock market plummeted.  Yet, if you ask the average person what is going on with the precious metals market, they usually don’t have a clue.  If they knew what a great investment it was right now, 9 Year Mortgage believes they would be jumping for the chance to buy some themselves!

You might ask, “Well, how great of an investment is it really?”  Let 9 Year Mortgage break it down for you.  If you had been on the ball right when the market crashed in 2008, you could have bought silver for around $9 an ounce.  Now, 2.5 years later (April 2011) silver has shot to over $40 an ounce!  So if you had started to invest when the market was at its lowest, you could have quadrupled your money by now!  That is only 2.5 years of investing for what would normally take you decades to accomplish through interest given to you by the bank!

Let’s say that it took you a year to jump on the silver bandwagon.  If you had decided to buy in November 2009, a year after prices started to rise, you could have invested $1,000 to get 62 oz. of silver for around $16 an ounce.  Now if you take your 62 oz. of silver and use this website to calculate how much you have earned since then, you can see that your initial investment of $1,000 is now worth $2,480!  That is an amazing return!

9 Year Mortgage Explains

You’re almost sold, but there’s a doubt lingering in your mind… how long will the price of silver continue to go up?  Will it really be worth it for you to invest now when it is $40 an ounce?  Valid question!  Howard Ruff, a highly respected financial guru and chairman of 9 Year Mortgage, has stated that he believes in the future, “gold will rise over $2,300 and silver over $100” an ounce.  Ruff predicted these numbers over two years before the market fell in 2008, when prices were still under $20 an ounce!  He suggests that “each family should have at least one half-bag of pre-1965, commonly circulated, 90% “junk silver” dimes, quarters, and halves.”   Gold and silver will rise in value as the dollar is watered down by ceaseless printing.  If silver has the potential to reach $100 an ounce, then $40 an ounce is a bargain right now!

Still wary?  Howard Ruff explains one of the reasons why he thinks silver will do so well is because  silver can be used for jewelry, money, and over 2,000 industrial uses.  He continues by saying:

“99.9 percent of the people in the world think gold is much rarer than silver. But they are wrong – dead wrong – and sooner or later the supply/demand equation will favor silver and narrow the pricing gap between the two metals.

Most of silver is as a byproduct of mining base metals, like copper and zinc. In this economic collapse, we will mine a lot less copper and zinc, and produce a lot less silver. Silver supplies will become tighter and tighter, which means higher prices.”  Ruff predicts that “oil service companies, uranium mining, and gold and silver mining stocks should do very well. I would bet for the long haul on the uranium mining stocks, and the gold and silver mining stocks. Their long-term prognosis is excellent.”

9 Year Mortgage highly recommends that you seriously consider investing in silver.  You are the only one who can ensure your financial future is secure!  Try not to think that your parents, friends, or siblings will be your financial crutch in hard times.  And certainly don’t rely on the government to take care of you when you get older. Will Roger’s once said “invest in inflation, it’s the only that’s going up.” If only we could do that!  But by investing in sliver you will be covering the inflation rate exponentially!  Prepare by investing now!

9 Year Mortgage-Just For Fun

  • Gold Vending Machines

Gold has been such a hot commodity lately that some malls across the country have decided to start carrying gold vending machines!

Click here to see how it works!

  • Kitco Live Metal Prices

Silver’s price has been rising almost a dollar every few days.  By the time you find this article and read it, it’ll most likely be several dollars over the stated $40 in this article. To find out what today’s price for silver (and other metals) is, click the link below!

  • Kitco  Historical Silver Year Chart

Silver is a strong investment that is  rising, quite literally from day to day, hour by hour.  Here are charts from the last three years of silver prices.

If you decided buying silver is not for you, you may want to read another article by 9 Year Mortgage- “Thinking of Retiring.”  It may change your mind about investing in silver.  For more great tips, visit the 9 Year Mortgage Money Saving Minute.


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May 26, 2011

JD @ 3:14 pm #

Silver investing, unlike almost any other sort of investing, is so easy anyone, with any sort of income can do it. Simply allocate a certain amount of cash each pay day to purchasing a certain amount of junk silver, i.e. pre-1965 US silver dimes, quarters or halves, from a reputable coin dealer or online. Even buying one dollar face value every two weeks will build a tangible investment portfolio over one to two years.

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