Working with 9 Year Mortgage has been like having a personal accountant

We called in and got your free CD but for a year didn’t do anything about it.  As a truck driver, we are always out on the road and paying bills is not easy.  Then on one of our runs we were passing through Utah and called in to make arrangements to stop at the 9 Year Mortgage Office.  We were given a personal tour of the office.  We were so impressed by your staff that we got started with the program right away. Our only regret is that we waited a year to take action.

Working with 9 Year Mortgage has been like having a personal accountant taking care of everything.  We were amazed at how fast we could be out of debt and have been able to move up that date even sooner since starting with the program.

We have been working with you now for just over a year. I really like how easy it is to go to the  internet and see our progress.  We don’t want to have to work forever and with your help at 9 Year Mortgage we will not have to. We want to be able to retire in 8 years!

Thanks for making things so much simpler for us,

Ileen and William H.     Oregon


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Will 9 Year Mortgage work for me?

Not everyone qualifies or will benefit from the 9 Year Mortgage program so there is no easy answer to that question.   We are very careful with who we let into the program.  We go through a qualification process to make sure we can provide you a viable financial plan that will work before we let you into the program.  Our representatives are trained to ask the right questions and gather the information necessary to quickly find out if we can help you.  If you would like to go through this process you can Click Here to begin filling out some basic information so that a 9 Year Mortgage representative can start working on your financial plan right away.

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