Overcoming The Money Mountain With 9 Year Mortgage

9 Year Mortgage - money mountain blog imageOvercoming The Money Mountain With 9 Year Mortgage

9 Year Mortgage recognizes that financial issues are the most common reason for divorce in the United States and would like to step in and make a few suggestions. Yes, adultery, abuse, and addiction, are also reasons for divorce but why is it that the highest standing explanation and root of separation is money? Communication and understanding should always be implemented into the conversation with a loved one while discussing finances. For example do not overlook the fact that you both grew up in very different homes therefore you have learned different budgeting and saving strategies from your parents. Here are a few pieces of advice from 9 Year Mortgage that can help you and your spouse keep your finances from getting the better of your relationship.

1.   Communicate Calmly

Really make an effort to listen and ask questions with your partner when discussing your individual take on budgeting. Work out a financial plan that you both feel good about, you may each have to compromise here and there but once you get a solid game plan your mind can be at ease knowing that you’re both happy. Remember to discuss your financial expectations and past experiences to help your mate get a good feel for your outlook on the important topics so that in the future there are no surprises.

2.   Perspective

Money touches every aspect of your life in many different forms which can be a very good or very bad thing. If you and your spouse are not on the same page, then this can be an extremely negative effect on not just your budget but your marriage as well. Having similar feelings on the topic of money can drastically resolve and prevent arguments and ultimately can make or break your marriage depending on the severity of the issue on which you cannot agree.

3.   Atmosphere

When facing the dilemma of how to approach your spouse with a financial issue or discussion, atmosphere is important. Approaching your partner at ten o’clock at night when each of you is exhausted and irritable is not a good strategy for a successful outcome. Set aside a time and place to meet and talk to each other like a coffee shop or favorite park. This setting is relaxed and comfortable and will cause you both to start off on a pleasant note with one another.

4.   Separate

9 Year Mortgage suggests putting a divider up between financial conversation and everyday life. There is a time and place for each. Take the conversation one topic at a time to avoid becoming overbearing or overwhelming to one another. If a specific topic puts you on edge voice it to your partner so that measures can be taken to avoid frustration. Also remember that you should always separate your financial discussions from every day chit-chat. When you’re done talking and continue your normal routine make an effort to keep finances separate from everyday activities. The definition of those areas in your life can greatly reduce financial arguments and anger from effecting areas that shouldn’t have been strained by financial worry.

Communication is key to avoid allowing money to become a rift in your marriage. Yes, finances are one of the main reasons divorce takes place but it doesn’t have to be that way. If handled the right way money does not have to be a constant contentious subject between you and your partner, but it can be something that both of you can agree on and work through together to strengthen your relationship and trust with one another.

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