The 9 Year Mortgage Approach to Spring Cleaning: 4 Steps to a Fresh Start with your Finances

If you plan on doing some spring cleaning this month, don’t neglect your finances! 9 Year Mortgage suggests 4 steps to help you get organized.

1. De-clutter: After a long winter, there’s a good chance you have some papers piled up, so take this chance to get organized.  Collect all of your bills, receipts, stubs, and tax information so it is all in one place.  Be sure you get everything from your desk drawers, countertops, and the bottom of your purse.

One easy method for dividing the mess is to throw away anything that is also online. For example, any bank statements or bills that you can access online, you can shred. If it is tax related, or an important document, you should file it.

2. Eliminate: Just like you would get rid of clothing that isn’t worn when spring cleaning your closet, you should dump whatever you aren’t using from your budget. If you aren’t using your gym membership, or are planning on running outside in the warm weather, put a freeze on your gym account for the next few months. If you aren’t using all of your phone minutes, consider downsizing to a cheaper plan. Look into your monthly spending, and see if there is any area of your budget you can reduce or eliminate altogether. You could potentially save yourself $50 per month, and possibly even more if you look closely at your expenses.

3. Polish: Shine up your credit. You are allowed three copies of your credit report each year, one from each major credit bureau. You could spread these out every four months. The fourth month of the year is April, making this a perfect time to take a look. The report will tell you where you stand, and tell you what you need to do to shine up your credit score. 9 Year Mortgage recommends paying down high interest rate debt first, to save you money and increase your credit score.

4. Reap the benefits: Put any extra cash into savings, and make sure to do this throughout the year as well.  This is a great time of year to begin this habit for two reasons:  First, You have until April 17 to make a contribution to an IRA for last year. Second, you might have a tax return coming your way. Be sure to put the tax return into savings before you have time to blow it on something you will hardly use! 9 Year Mortgage knows that saving is always better in the long run.

Will The 9 Year Mortgage Plan Work For Me?

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