Ways to wisely spend and earn from 9 year mortgage

9 year mortgage

Ways to wisely spend and earn from 9 year mortgage

Take a look for a second at your budget. Is it working?? If your answer is “just barely” then here are some simple ideas for changes in the financial part of your life to give you a little extra spending money in your pocket… and to keep it there.

1.      Your Vehicle

When you consider the monthly cost of your vehicle the first thing that comes to your mind is the price of gasoline. You most likely factored that into your budget, but what you didn’t consider is what is going on under the hood of your car and not just what’s being put into the tank. Now you might not think that the little up keeps with your vehicle is important but here’s something for you to think about… Just by neglecting the amount of antifreeze you’re giving your car it could cause your engine block to crack. The cost of the repair differs with each vehicle but if you decided to do it yourself or knew someone who could help you out it could still end up being around 1,800 dollars. Did you factor that into your budget? By simply checking the fluids in your car every now again you can avoid some heavy costs and inconvenience. Check the oil, take a peek at the antifreeze make sure you have enough coolant, this could really save you money in the long run. Ladies don’t be nervous; most of these checkups are easy and only take a couple of minutes. You can do them too!


2.      Binge Buying

Quickly review in your mind some of the purchases that you have made over the last two months. I’m not talking about food and toilette paper, I’m talking about clothes, shoes, anything extra that you may not have necessarily needed but bought anyways sometimes even with the thought of “I’ll find somewhere to wear it” Or “I’m sure that I’ll end up needing this…” Stop this awful habit! We all fall into the trap of feeling like it’s a “good deal” and were saving money because it’s on sale but the reality is your saving money if you just don’t buy it. A quick trick that you can try is leaving the store and holding off the purchase for a couple. This can give you time to really consider if you’re going to use it every day or if it is just going to get pushed in the back of the closet waiting for you to find it in two years . There’s nothing wrong with a little splurge every now and again but try to set aside a monthly allowance specifically for that purpose. That way you’re not overspending but you also don’t feel restricted by your budget. This will actually end up saving you money and keeping your shopping impulses satisfied.


3.      Thrift…?

Are you a natural-born penny-pincher? You may not have realized it but you could be losing more money by shopping at the dollar stores in your area than shopping elsewhere. If you carefully compare prices with other grocery stores you may find that you have been deceived into the “its only one dollar” mentality. Often times it costs less to buy things in bulk than singularly with the illusion that you stand to save money when really they are charging you more.  Compare ounce for ounce on bags of food, compare dollar for dollar on clothes. It may sound like a lot of work but it’s easy and can save you a lot of money. Also be wary when you’re at thrift stores, check online for good deals and you may just realize that there are used clothes prices on brand new items!

9 year mortgage wants to help you spend smart and avoid unneeded costs. Use some of this advice in your day-to-day life and you could end up with extra money in your pocket and less stress when those unexpected things in life come up.

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