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Nine Year Mortgage will help you reach your financial goals

Are you tired of paying interest and fees to your creditors?  How much money have you spent over the last twenty years in interest and fees to your mortgage company, credit card companies, and auto lenders?  If you’re like most Americans you have spent 40% of your income on interest and fees, without even realizing it!

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Imagine paying off your mortgage in half, or even a third of the time it will take you now.  What if there was a way you could take all of the money going to the banks in interest and fees and instead invest that money in your own retirement account?  And what if you could do all this while still preserving your good credit?  Learn how to transform your 30 year mortgage into a 9 year mortgage with our advanced strategies.

Thousands of  our clients are on track to do exactly that, thanks to the Nine Year Mortgage program.  But don’t take our word for it, read for yourselves from a sample of Nine Year Mortgage Reviews from actual clients.

Nine Year Mortgage has been helping clients shape their financial futures since 1996

The Nine Year Mortgage program helps homeowners save many thousands of dollars in interest while becoming debt free, including a mortgage, in about nine years.   Our program is mathematically guaranteed and will lower the effective interest rate on your debt to less than you ever dreamed possible!  Using our proven methods, you will save $20,000 – $200,000 in interest while paying off all of your debt in about nine years with little to no increase in your current payments.  The Nine Year Mortgage program is available in all 50 states and is now available to those without a mortgage as well.

So what is the difference between what Nine Year Mortgage can do for you and what the other programs you hear on the radio and see on TV claim?  That answer is simple.  Those programs are typically debt settlement, debt consolidation, or debt negotiation companies.  In order to work with one of these companies you must be willing to completely sacrifice your good credit for up to 15 years.  Nine Year Mortgage puts the power of reverse compounding interest in your favor to systematically eliminate your debt in full and on time, as a result, your credit scores are protected.  In fact, it is likely that you will see improvements to your credit as the Nine Year Mortgage program reduces your overall debt load.

Other debt elimination programs like debt settlement and others are usually aimed only at your unsecured debt, like credit cards, which leaves your biggest debt obligation, your mortgage, unpaid.  After participating in a program like debt settlement, you’ll discover that your credit scores have plummeted, making it almost impossible to finance a new car or refinance your mortgage for years.  Nine Year Mortgage is your partner in financial security.  Our program not only eliminates your debt and pays off your  mortgage early, but also preserves your credit and prepares you for retirement.

Nine Year Mortgage delivers on helping eliminate your debt while maintaining a good credit score.  And due to the way our program is designed you may even see your credit score improve faster than it normally would.

Nine Year Mortgage uses an innovative method to professionally manage your financial planNine Year Mortgage - Friendly Couple

Our method, combined with continued financial education, ultimately results in clients who enjoy huge interest savings while eliminating their mortgage and all other debt in an average of 9 years or less.  Your personal financial plan might take a little longer, or may happen even sooner, depending on the various factors of your personal financial situation.  Find out how soon you can be completely debt free, and how much money you could save in interest by simply requesting a complimentary Nine Year Mortgage Financial Analysis.  This customized analysis will detail your financial plan, including how long it will take you to become debt free, what your effective interest rate will be, how much money you will save in interest charges, and what advanced strategies we will use to implement and carry out your plan.

With Nine Year Mortgage, you can receive your free, personalized financial plan which will allow you to make an informed decisions based on actual numbers.  This plan is created by inputting your personal debt information into our comprehensive debt analysis system, which generates a seven-page personalized financial analysis.  You’ll see the proposed debt elimination strategies, interest savings, and debt-free dates.  In addition you’ll see a real comparison between what our plan can accomplish for you versus how much more time and money it will take you to be debt free based on how you pay your bills today.  Nine Year Mortgage shows you up front what you could achieve without any cost or obligation to you.

Nine Year Mortgagee utilizes a nationwide live-call distribution system.  This allows you to get a free consultation immediately, with a qualified Personal Finance Analyst. Our analysts and customer service group are based right here in the U.S.A., so you won’t have any trouble reaching or communicating with us.

Nine Year Mortgage offers the most comprehensive debt elimination program available.  Our unique Nine Year Mortgage methodology has a proven track record among homeowners and non-homeowners alike by thousands of satisfied clients.