9 Year Mortgage: 10 Safety Tips for Online Shopping

9 Year Mortgage: 10 Safety Tips for Online Shopping

Swindlers are always on the lookout for ways to take advantage of online shoppers.  If you aren’t aware of the ways that you can make mistakes and become vulnerable, 9 Year mortgage suggests that it is important to learn some basic safety skills.

Stay away from iffy-looking sites.  It’s not always obvious when a website isn’t authentic, but some red flags to tip you off could be pop-up windows that won’t’ close, an illogical web address, or poor quality of web design. If any of these things become apparent on the site where you are shopping, 9 Year Mortgage suggests stopping and closing all of the browser windows you have open.

Try not to click on hyperlinks embedded in emails. Legitimate businesses will not send emails asking for follow-up financial information, according to the Better Business Bureau. Even if you get an email from a familiar looking retailer or address, and it asks you to visit an outside site, 9 Year Mortgage recommends that you don’t click on it. The hyperlink could direct you to a fraudulent site. Instead, enter the Web address manually into your browser.

Shop only on secure websites. 9 Year Mortgage recommends that when browsing websites, look for “https” rather than just “http” in the URL bar. It is also important to make sure you have your computer’s anti-virus software up to date, to avoid picking up a virus while searching the web for good deals.

Never give your Social Security number out online. If a site asks for it during checkout, it is almost certain to be a scam.

Take advantage, if your credit card comes with automatic identity-theft protection. The Better Business Bureau states that credit card companies are required to allow shoppers to dispute charges. Because of this, it is wise to use your credit card online in place of a debit or cash card. If you see invalid charges on your account, you can call your credit card company, and have them investigate for you. 9 Year Mortgage knows that this is a timely matter, so make sure you are checking your statements often. (More than just once a month.)

Switch up your passwords. It seems convenient to pick one simple password for all of your accounts, because it makes remembering much easier. However, Nine Year Mortgage | Online Shoppingthese simple passwords are also much easier for scammers to guess. We are asked to remember dozens of different passwords, so 9 Year Mortgage suggests that it is important to keep track of them in some sort of secure document, which allows you to keep the passwords more complex and harder to guess.

Be extra careful shopping with a smart-phone. Shopping with a mobile device comes with its own set of challenges. The shorted URLs can deceive shoppers more easily. Also, using public Wi-Fi access can leave your information available to hackers, so try to only enter passwords and credit card numbers while in a secure Wi-Fi network, such as at home. 9 year Mortgage knows that it is also safe to use your cell phone’s data coverage while on-the-go.

Be cautious with strangers on social media. Sometimes businesses that advertise on social media sites can get hacked. If you get a message or tweet that is from a stranger and looks suspicious, just ignore it.

These tips can help you to avoid scams, however, 9 Year Mortgage knows that there are always new ways that scammers may try to trick you. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain about any website or link, the safest bet is always to avoid using it.

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