9 Year Mortgage: 5 Tips to Retirement

9 Year Mortgage: 5 Tips to Retirement

For couples nearing retirement you may want to start thinking  of a strategy to help you meet your financial goals, while still having the ability to travel along as you are crossing things off of your long- awaited wish list. 9 Year Mortgage can help you get there.

If you’re having a hard time imagining yourself for the next 30 years with the same job, and in the same financial position that you are in now then it’s time to make some changes. Here are some ways to cut costs and fast forward your retirement options.

  1. Housing

If it seems like you’re already pinching pennies take another look at your finances and see if there is anywhere that you can cut costs and hold back on spending. You can also take a look at your homes mortgage and evaluate if it is possible to change it from a 30 year plan, to a shorter time span, with the help of 9 year mortgage it is even possible to pay off your mortgage in as little as nine years! That’s 21 years less than the average mortgage!

 2. Prioritize

Separate your wants from your needs. Reconsider whether or not you really need that new car or if your old one will last you a little longer. Talk with your spouse to ensure that you’re both on the same page. This way it will be easier to work together and keep your goal within reach through your combined efforts. Although cutting costs and prioritizing is important make sure that you’re paying yourselves as well. Don’t completely deprive yourselves of enjoyment.

 3.    Day to Day Living

Once you are at the point where you’ve made it to your goal and you’re retired, you’ll want to budget and ensure that you’re living within your means. Calculate how much you can spend a year and then break it down into a month by month amount. If you decide to travel choose a place with low day to day living costs and go at a time in the year when air fare is less expensive.

 4.     Be mindful

Along with budgeting, you can still find ways to invest money and be smart about saving. If an opportunity arises to earn money you may consider it from time to time. Another way to save money is downsizing your home. Ask yourselves questions such as do you utilize all the space in your home? Are there large areas that you don’t use or are left empty? Do you really need that extra formal dining room? Downsizing could be a good idea and could possibly save you money each month on unnecessary heating and electric in your home.

 5.    Retire the right way with 9 Year Mortgage  

Retirement can be a bit of an adjustment so it’s okay to ease into it. Some people have a “Practice Retirement” before the fact so that it’s not such a sudden change. Lessening the office hours, taking more frequent vacations, and budgeting a bit more consciously are some ways that you can start changing your mind set. Financially easing into retirement can be a very smart move. That way you’re more prepared to cut back on certain spending habits and you’ll be more adept to your new way of living outside of the work force.

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