9 Year Mortgage: 7 Ways People Waste Money

Nine Year Mortgage - Money Burning

9 Year Mortgage: 7 Ways People Waste Money

Even people who are good with their money can be unintentionally wasting it. There is often money escaping unknowingly from our budgets that we could be saving if the leaks were pointed out. These mistakes can be eliminated without causing a major change in your standard of living. 9 Year Mortgage suggests stopping these particular money leaks:


  • Disregarding your credit score rating. Everyone knows good credit is important, but perhaps people don’t realize that having a bad credit score will actually take away extra money. Premiums, interest rates, and even advanced payments will be higher. Some employers even do a credit history check before hiring, and the high paying job you could get with a good credit score could be given away to someone else. 9 Year Mortgage knows that even if your credit score is good enough to get you that mortgage you need, your rates won’t be the best available if your score is not in a higher range. A lower interest rate could save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest over the mortgage’s lifetime.


  • Ignoring the option to lower your rates. High interest rates can always be lowered. In the case of loans or a mortgage, refinancing may be an option. If the prevailing rates haven’t changed, you still may be able to get a lower one if your credit score has gone up. With credit cards and other places where rates exist, simply asking for a lower rate is recognized to be quite effective.  Whatever the method, getting your rates lowered is a surefire way to avoid throwing your money away.


  • Purchasing name-brand items. Oftentimes, off brands are made by the same companies, and are therefore the same exact products. 9 Year Mortgage suggests that you don’t get caught up in the idea that advertisers put into our heads that buying a name brand is always better. You can save a ton on simply buying the off brand version, especially in the case of prescriptions and other medication.


  • Paying too much for car insurance. No one can go without paying for auto insurance, as much as we all hate it. There are ways to lower your premiums, however, such as taking off certain types of coverage for older cars, or raising your deductibles. There are tons of discounts you can take advantage of with every insurance company.


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  • Buying too much life insurance. Life insurance is a must have for people who have others depending on their income. It is important to make sure you buy the cheapest priced option available. This often means purchasing term life insurance rather than a whole life policy. If your life circumstances change over the years, it may even be possible to reduce the amount of insurance needed.


  • Leaving the 401k match on the table. Taking advantage of your 401k is vital in planning your retirement. In order to take full advantage, you must contribute a certain amount, depending on the plan. By not doing this, many people lose what could be free money for them. So, 9 Year Mortgage suggests that you at least contribute the amount your employer will match.


As you can see, there are many ways to save money in big ways without making a big change in the way you are currently living your life. 9 Year Mortgage supports the idea that plugging these money leaks will be highly beneficial over the long run for your financial situation.

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