9 Year Mortgage: A cure for shopping addictions

9 Year mortgage

9 Year Mortgage: A cure for shopping addictions

Everyone wants to spend less money. With the Holiday season upon us, it is easy to feel like all you are doing is spending money. It is important to try and be reasonable in your spending, but for some people, that means learning to overcome an actual addiction to shopping. 9 Year Mortgage knows that about 5% of Americans suffer from compulsive shopping, and even more than that from less significant forms of overspending. And it’s easier than ever to lose control and overspend, with online shopping and credit cards becoming more prominent in the community. The culture we live in doesn’t help the problem either. The world is becoming increasingly more materialistic, and people long for nicer things, even if they can’t afford them, and/or if the belongings they do have are perfectly functional.


The warning signs of a shopping addiction include a lack of self-control in making or not making purchases, rising conflicts with loved ones regarding expenditures, and lying about shopping. 9 Year mortgage suggests that while many people harmlessly love shopping, a compulsive shopper will disregard negative consequences of shopping, such as going into profound debt. They do it more for the rush of buying new things, rather than a true desire to own a specific item. If you or someone you know has a shopping addiction, 9 Year Mortgage suggests the following solutions:


Be nonjudgmental. People don’t like admitting that they feel out of control, and are often embarrassed by the amount of debt they are in.


Be a source of help. If a family member of a compulsive shopper is willing to take over the finances or checkbook, it can help that person gain back control. If a family member cannot, another option would be hiring a professional money manager.

Decide on gifts in advance. Instead of splurging on pricey presents this Holiday season, family and friends can talk ahead of time about gift options such as exchanging favors, or decide on a specific budget for gifts.

Consider advisement. Learning skills like using cash instead of credit cards or not going into stores when feeling upset can help. Seeking advice from a financial advisor can give some good insights into ways to avoid spending more than one can afford.

Check out 12-step programs. Most towns and cities have programs like “Over-spenders Anonymous” for people who feel more out of control than some basic advice or support can fix.

Find new hobbies. Compulsive shoppers often need to replace old habits with new, healthier ones. Possible alternatives can include DIY craft projects, sports, book clubs, or cooking. 

Will The 9 Year Mortgage Plan Work For Me?

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