9 Year Mortgage Budgeting Advice: 6 Ways to Better your Budget

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9 Year Mortgage Budgeting Advice: 6 Ways to Better your Budget

There is no one size fits all budget, and even at different times in one person’s life they may need different budgeting techniques. 9 Year Mortgage has 6  suggestions for you to improve your current budget.

Prioritize. Everyone has a few basic necessities to budget first. Those include money spent on housing, food, and transportation. After that it is up to you to decide how to spend and save the rest. 9 Year Mortgage suggests you prioritize how you want to save your extra income. If you have multiple savings accounts for emergency, retirement, and college for example, decide how you want to divide your savings. After that you can decide how to prioritize household, entertainment and work-related expenses.

Use the internet. There are multiple financial tools available through the internet. 9 Year Mortgage suggests that you put these to use as you try to track your spending. Mint.com for example, is a great way to keep track of all of your accounts in one place.

Look at your financial past. Take a look at where you went right and wrong over the past few months. 9 Year Mortgage suggests you take this opportunity to learn from your mistakes and figure out what works best for you financially.

Avoid temptation. It’s easy to slip up and splurge when you have catalogues and emails full of shiny new things, especially when they are on sale. 9 Year Mortgage believes it’s best that take yourself off of these mailing lists. Looking at them will only make you feel deprived so there is no harm in cancelling.

Reward yourself. Just like strict diets only make you want to indulge, strict budgets can make you feel restricted. 9 Year Mortgage believes that after all of your hard work, your money should bring you some pleasure. Maybe try a lunch out with friends or your favorite coffee in the morning once every few weeks. After weeks of taking your lunch and brewing your own coffee these little indulgences will feel like quite the splurge.

Share your goals. Make it a point to let friends or family members know about your budget. 9 Year Mortgage advises that you share your goals with the people you interact with regularly, and ask them to follow-up with you periodically to help you stay on track.; . It’s important to have support to  help keep you on track.

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