9 Year Mortgage: Eating Well While Saving Money

9 Year Mortgage’s tips for saving money on food

When creating a budget 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to take a look at your grocery bill and find ways to save on food. Food is one of your most flexible expenses and there is a lot of simple ways to spend less on what you eat. Potentially, you can feed a family of four a nutritious diet on $500 per month but, on average families spend two hundred dollars more than that. Families and singles alike could save thousands of dollars on food costs each year without losing needed nourishment. Eating healthy on a budget is entirely possible and the super market is one of the best places to save when money is tight.

Nine Year Mortgage - Healthy Food

9 Year Mortgage suggests you use the following tactics to stay healthy and stay within your budget:

Dine in

In this fast paced society, 41% of food expenditures are unnecessarily made on eating out. Dining at home is beneficial in countless ways. You are much more likely to consume the assortment of foods your body needs without over spending if you cook at home. Avoid sacrificing your health while on a budget; fast food may be inexpensive but, the simple carbohydrates that are common in fast food can have a negatively impact your health. Cooking in your own home allows you to be in control of both cost and nutrition.

Cut out processed foods

Next, stick to foods that are unprocessed and therefore better for your health. Processed or prepackaged foods include potentially harmful substances and commonly cost more than foods in their raw state. Take the time to make it yourself. Although, it takes longer to prepare food from scratch, the savings will be significant.

Replace meat

We recommend that you don’t include meat at every meal. Meats that are commonly the focus of American meals can easily be substituted for other less expensive proteins like dairy, beans or nuts in addition canned seafood is often inexpensive and can be added to countless dishes.

Focus on Vegetables

To make sure your family eats right, allow for 40% of your food budget to be spent on produce and remember to buy produce in its season when it’s less expensive and better quality. Choosing frozen foods is also a good idea because they are often frozen when fresh and ripe. Canned food is a good way to save as well but be sure you purchase cans with less sodium and or sugar. Get involved with food co-op or attend your local farmers’ market can be cost-effective as well. Eating healthy produce will make your far healthier and (if you buy it in its season) will save you money.

Bulk up on whole grains

Finally, grains should be a big part of your diet when eating on a budget. Grains like oatmeal, barley and rice are filling, nutrient rich (when in their whole form) and inexpensive. Try to buy your grains in bulk, often it is much cheaper to buy these items large quantities and you’ll get substantial meals at only cents per plate.


Even though making these changes to your diet and budget will be challenging, 9 Year Mortgage assures you that you will quickly see positive results for your efforts. The money you will save on food can be used to pay off debts, make an emergency fund or save for your future. In addition to bettering you financial wellbeing these changes will improve your overall health and give you a better quality of life so start shopping and eating right today!

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