9 Year Mortgage: Making a College Education Affordable

9 Year Mortgage: Making a College Education Affordable

If you’re going back to school yourself or sending a child off to college, the cost of education adds up. 9 Year Mortgage offers a few tips to keep tuition and other school expenses as low as possible.

9 Year Mortgage applauds those of you making sacrifices to gain an education and encourages you to make wise financial decisions as you pursue this goal. In the past few years the cost of a college education has increased substantially. Americans now owe more on student loans than in credit card debt. 9 Year Mortgage hopes you will take time to plan for and consider what kind of education is right for you and how to best manage this large expense.

While the cost of a four year degree can be around ten thousand dollars many students pay far less for an identical education. 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to follow these steps that will allow you pay less for the education you’ll need in this competitive job market:college affordable.class room

  1. Compare the cost of different schools: Every college is different and the cost of attendance can very substantially. 9 Year Mortgage recommends you take aclose look at the schools you’re interested in and consider which would be the best fit economically. Look at your expenses including housing, out of state tuition, books and transportation for each potential college or university. You can find estimates of these and other costs on school website or from the department of education. Weigh your options carefully before making a decision to be sure you and your wallet will be happy with the college you select later down the road.
  2. Find out if you qualify for financial aid: To find out about your finical aid options you’ll need to file a FAFSA application online. This should be one of the first steps you take as you prepare to attend. Even if your or your parent’s income is too high to qualify for government funding, filling out this application will open doors to other financial assistance possibilities. Financial aid is awarded on a first come first sever basis so you’ll want to apply early in the spring for the following school year’s tuition expenses. 9 Year Mortgage has seen many people cover college expenses by merely applying for financial aid.
  3. Find scholarships: The same federal aid application that you filed will allow you to apply for further grants and scholarships bringing the out of pocket cost of your education even lower. A good portion of grant and scholarship money goes unclaimed by students each year so take time to send in essays and applications for all sorts of scholarships. You should also get in contact with the university’s financial aid department and ask them for recommendations as you apply for scholarships to pay for educational expenses. You may want to continue looking for scholarships while you are in school because new opportunities come up each year. Taking advantage of the scholarships available to you may take some time however, that work will literally pay off as you work towards your degree.
  4. Only get student loans after looking at all other possibilities: 9 Year Mortgage sees that the less debt you build up as a student the more stable your post graduate finances will be. Research how much other new college graduates earn within your field; be sure you don’t take on more student debt than you can afford to pay back once you enter the work force.  If you must borrow money remember that not all student loans are the same; make sure you only get loans that are subsidized by the government. Some government loans programs offer student loan forgiveness to students who qualify. Be smart when acquiring loans and only borrow what you need to cover educational expenses.

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9 Year Mortgage congratulates you for pursuing such a worthwhile goal! make the most of you college experience and Remember to find the right school for your needs, take advantage of finical aid and scholarships opportunities and don’t get in over your head in student debt.

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