9 Year Mortgage: Preparing Financial Documents In Case of an Emergency

9 Year Mortgage: Preparing Financial Documents in Case of an Emergency

In order to help you recover after an unexpected emergency or natural disaster, 9 Year Mortgage encourages you to assemble a kit containing the financial information you‘ll need after an unfortunate incident. A few hours of preparation for future uncertainties now can make a big difference after a disaster has taken place. We encourage you to get your financial information organized and keep it in a safe place to ensure you have the tools you’ll need to get back on your feet in a crisis. A fire proof safe or safety deposit box would be an ideal place to store this personal information. Additionally, there are online services that provide secure record storage for sensitive files or the home of a trusted loved one could also hold this paper work for safe keeping.

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As you strive to be prepared for an emergency, 9 Year Mortgage advises you compile copies of the following and find a place where they can be safely stored:

First, record your credit and debit card information.

Not having your money available to you after a disaster is sure to add anxiety at an already challenging time. 9 Year Mortgage suggests you make a photo copy of the cards you carry in your wallet and keep a record of other payment options available in case a tough situation comes up. Carefully make a photocopy of the front and back of your cards to keep you from being stranded money-wise. It is also smart to include the phone numbers for the bank or financial institution the cards are from so you can order a replacement for the cards you’ve lost. 9 Year Mortgage advises you to carefully record this information and also have a plan for where to access cash in an urgent situation.

Next, compile your insurance information

Insurance can be your greatest ally after something goes wrong. 9 Year Mortgage advises you have information regarding your insurance coverage organized and readily available for when you need it. Get all of your insurance information together and make copies of your policy cards much like you did with your credit and debit cards.  As you prepare this portion of your financial documents be sure you have a copy of all the insurances you carry; include proof of medical insurance, Auto, dental, disability and property etc. It is a good idea to also list phone numbers for both your local insurance agent’s office and their after hours line where you can make claims late at night and on the weekends. Having your insurance documented and in a safe place when you need it will be reassuring as you face hardships and uncertainties.

Then include a list of your preferred physicians

9 Year Mortgage recommends you make a list of the doctors and dentists you prefer to work with as well as the hospitals and doctors’ offices that know your family’s medical history and accept your insurance. Adding this detailed list to your emergency information will help family members know where to take someone in an emergency and will make sure your family’s health is in the hands of professionals you trust. Moreover, this list will prevent you from acquiring excessive debt when a medical emergency arises or extensive treatment is required.

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Include a list phone numbers that will need to be contacted in a crisis

You may already have emergency contacts listed in your cell phone but 9 Year Mortgage recommends you recorded essential numbers in your emergency paper work as well. Write down the phone numbers of family members and friends who can help and lend support if you find yourself in a difficult situation. Remember that an emergency could prevent you from working or fulfilling other obligations, in that situation it will be important that you communicate with your place of work and keep them informed on your situation. We encourages you to add work contact numbers to you emergency lists and review your employer’s sick leave policy while you are at it. Having these numbers all in a safe place will help family keep those you work with and your loved ones up-to-date if something goes wrong.

Include a copy of your will

It is impossible to accurately predict when you will pass away. 9 Year Mortgage promotes having your will and any other legal documents ready and available to those you will leave behind at your passing. Include a copy of your will in your emergency paperwork or explain how family members to access that legally binding information. At the very least leave contact information for your lawyer who will take care of your estate in the event of your passing. Be sure you document who will be given power of attorney allowing them to act in your behalf if you are unable to do so.  Leaving this vital information behind will permit that if your health fails suddenly your loved ones will have the legal power to make health care and monetary decisions.

Include the pass words for financial accounts

It’s not uncommon in marriages for one spouse to handle most of the financial accounts that a couple has; often only one partner keeps track of the passwords, where to access balances and when payments are made. If you or your spouse is suddenly unable to make bill payments and managing accounts for whatever reason the other person should know the necessary information in order to fulfill the couples’ monetary obligations. Make a list of passwords and user names as well as you a list of debts and bills that you and your spouse share and include this information in the financial kit you are compiling. Doing so will insure your spouse and children are not left financial stranded if you’re not available to take care of the bill and expenses.

Finally include a list of your investments in your kit

You will want to leave your spouse and loved ones a list of the investments you have as well as retirement funds that are available to you and your family. The investment information included should be any 401K or work investment accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or IRAs etc…as well as contact information for your investment consultant if you have one. Keep a record of these assets in your financial preparedness kit and your mind can rest at ease knowing your assets are available when you and your family need them.

9 Year Mortgage hopes that you will take the time to collect vital financial information and find a protected place to store it so that you can meet your family’s needs after a crisis has taken place. Following our recommendation can assist in recovering from unforeseen events and put your life back together despite kayos.

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