9 Year Mortgage: The freezer, a food budget’s best pal

9 Year Mortgage discusses how to save money on food through optimal freezer use.

Being savvy about food expenses will save you a large amount of money over time; one way that 9 Year Mortgage recommends you do this is using your freezer as much as possible. Freezing food will ensure you always have something on hand to cook, and allows you to make the most of item you find on sale and typically without affecting your electricity cost all that much.

Here are 9 Year Mortgage’s recommends the following when putting your shopping list on ice:

Watch ads and sales

By looking at ads in the paper or online you can keep an eye out for great sales on items you use regularly; if it’s something you know you’ll use and can freeze buy a lot of it. Butter, bread, meat, most produce and even milk can easily be preserved in your freezer for a few months.

Freeze produce in its season

The summer and fall seasons offer a variety of fresh produce at lower prices take advantage of this by buying and freezing fresh fruits and veggies when there cheapest. If you have a garden any excess that you grow can also be frozen and used in the coming months to help you grocery bills stay low.

Branch out

In order to make the most of items on sale 9 Year Mortgage recommends you branch out from the brands and items you have always used. You can commonly find sales on foods comparable to what you normally buy cheaper from a different brand or if they have been less processed, for example, a whole chicken is often less expensive than prepared chicken breasts. In addition, you may find name brands on sale for less than even the generic or store brands with the use of a coupon so don’t just accept one brand will always be cheapest, continue watching for the best brand each time you shop.

Buy in bulk

Purchasing in large quintiles is often cheaper so keep the freezer full of various staples you like eating when they are priced low enough. Keep a sharp eye and begin bulking up your freezer next time you’re at the store but, never just assume always compare the unit prices and make sure you get the most for your money.

Try new stores

Rethinking where you shop is a good way to get deals that you plan to put on ice. Restaurant supply stores are clever places to get the best prices for bulk items and they will often sell to the public so find out if there is one in your neighborhood. Also keep in mind, bakery outlets regularly have unsurpassed prices on breads and rolls that can be placed in your freezer.

Remember of what you have

Keep track and use what you have on hand as well as keeping the basics on hand. It’s always a good idea to freeze your leftovers and use them later down the road but, to avoid letting things go to waste in the back of the ice box simply label and dating everything you freeze. You may also want to develop a system to rotate through what you have stocked up on to be sure you use your resources in a practical way.


9 Year Mortgage hopes you will use the assets available to you including your freezer to conserve when your funds are limited. Using your freezer further can help you prepare in advance for  financial uncertainty or even just help you get through a busy week. Remember your freezer as a tool to help you make fewer trips to the store, spend less by shopping the sales and avoid making impulsive purchases on food.

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