9 Year Mortgage: Tips for Finding the Best Car Repair

9 Year Mortgage: Tips for Finding the Best Car Repair

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9 Year Mortgage understands that while you’re trying to pay down debts purchasing a new car might be low on the priority list. If you’re driving an older car it will likely need frequent maintenance and it is often challenging to find a skilled, honest mechanic.

To help you find a repair shop you can trust and avoid being unhappy with the mechanic who works on your car, 9 Year Mortgage has compiled the following tips:

Begin searching before a breakdown

Give yourself time to find a qualified repair shop so you aren’t in a hurry to choose a garage in the middle of having car problems. Keep track of how often each component of your car needs to be serviced and compile a list of warranties to help you know what upkeep could be coming up and then get an idea of what strengths different shops in your area have.

Choose smaller shop over the dealership

In most cases a mechanic shop will be less expensive than a dealership where you purchased the car, so find a good shop unless the dealership still covers your car through a warranty. Choosing a smaller repair shop over the dealer could save you as much as $300 in one year.

Ask around

Asking for recommendations is a great way to find a skilled mechanic; ask people with cars like yours where they go to maintain their car. You can also look for web pages for car buffs that drive cars like yours and acquire more information by posting questions on their sites but, don’t take their word for it, look up reviews to backup what others are telling you. Start an investigation of the mechanics they suggest; you can find reviews in multiple online locations it won’t take long and it will be very worth your time.

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Find out their qualifications

Look to see if they have passes an ASE exam and are a member of a group like the Automotive Service Association who require participants to meet strict criteria. Also, AAA’s has a list of approved shops that provide guarantees on the work for their clients.

Be sure they have the right tools

Present day vehicles require particular tools; to insure that they have the right stuff for your car ask if you can take a look at the tools they will be using before your mechanic starts working so you know you’re not being cheated and that the jobs being done correctly. Also you should ask what they will charge as far as shop fees, which is the cost of using the materials they have at the shop; decent mechanics most of the time won’t charge you for using equipment they already own.

It’s not only about the money

Often you get what you pay for so don’t just select the least expensive mechanic. On the other hand, you don’t need to choose the priciest shop either. Just find a few qualified options and then choose the one that has the cheapest rates.

Get a guarantee

It’s important to find a repair shop that will stand by their work by giving you a warranty and who has a client satisfaction policy. Try to find comprehensive warranties that last at least three months and a shop that ensures you are happy with the quality of work they have done before you pay.

Make sure they use quality parts

Speak with your mechanic about the kinds of parts he chooses to use; you want only want the more expensive parts from the factory when they are essential the rest of the time a knowledgeable mechanic would use aftermarket parts costing you less money.

Look for an expert for your car type

Find out what kind of cars a mechanic normally works on and if he spends most of his time with a specific make of car. Having a mechanic who is proficient with your car will improve the quality of work you get.

Be sure the shop’s schedule will work for you

Some shops have limited hours that may be difficult to work around be sure you are able to make it to the shop at a convenient time before you choose the shop you’ll use.

Observe from a distance

Before you enter a shop take a moment to survey the scene. Is the shop clean and organized? Are customers sent off happy? You can tell a lot about a mechanic’s professionalism by watching him in action.

Test his trustworthiness

One way to see if you have a trustworthy mechanic is to take your car in when you know it’s in perfect working condition and have a perspective shop look it over for a mechanical issue; trustworthy mechanic won’t give you several things that he “needs to fix”, he’ll be upfront and say nothing is wrong.

Begin with something simple

Test your mechanic’s skills by having him do some routine maintenance on your car before there is a big project to take care of. If he doesn’t impress you when doing a minor tasks, chances are you’ll be unhappy with the quality of work on a larger repair.

9 Year Mortgage encourages you to be inquisitive when it comes to your vehicle’s maintenance. A good mechanic will be willing to break down what is happening with your car and help you understand what work needs to be done and why. Use the tips provided to help you choose your mechanic wisely and you’ll save money and frustration in the long run.

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