9 Year Mortgage: Tricks for Cheap Camping Trips

9 Year Mortgage: Tricks for Cheap Camping Trips

As cheap as camping seems, 9 Year Mortgage knows that it can be quite pricey.  Even when you are supposed to be roughing it, there are lots of ways that you will likely end up spending money unnecessarily. Here are some tips to keep costs down, while keeping your time in nature enjoyable.

Buy equipment used. This is especially true if you are new to camping and don’t want to invest much because you aren’t yet sure you will love it. Even if your family already loves camping, you can usually save so much by buying used that it isn’t worth it to get brand new things. Search craigslist and other sites like it for major items like stoves and tents. You can also check deals on sites like backcountry.com and amazon.com for smaller items. It is easy to find cheap cooking supplies at thrift shops or yard sales. And lastly, especially for the big things, 9 Year Mortgage suggests always asking family or friends to borrow their supplies before buying anything.

Try solar lights. Rather than spending on batteries and flashlights, opt for solar lights. They charge in the sun so you can use them when its dark and you will never have to buy a flashlight battery again.

Become a card-carrying campground member. A lot of campground chains offer memberships that will save you money when you camp at their properties. KOA memberships save you 10% every time you stay in one of their locations. Most of their campgrounds come equipped with Wi-Fi, cable hookups, fire pits, and food services. Another chain that offers an annual membership fee is Thousand Trails. These campgrounds are good for RVs, and include hookups to electricity, water, and sewage. They also offer rentals on cabins, cottages, etc. One of these yearly memberships costs $525 for up to 30 nights of camping.  Another option that 9 Year Mortgage suggests for RV owners is a $44 membership with Passport America’s Discount Camping Club. This membership will save you 50% at more than 1,800 United States campgrounds.

Rough it. If you can live without the hookups and amenities, try camping for free. 9 Year Mortgage knows that it can be very relaxing to be somewhere alone, without neighboring campsites. Websites such as boondocking.org, freecampsites.net, and freecampgrounds.com offer a database of areas where you can go set up your tent or RV for free. For more experienced campers, you can also check to see if it is legal to camp in uninhabited canyons, mountains, or near lakes.

Plan your food ahead of time. Eating out, or eating at campground restaurants can be very expensive and add up quickly. Instead, plan your meals ahead and bring frozen meals in a cooler or camping refrigerator. Bring lots of fresh fruits, vegies, and other snacks to munch on. 9 Year Mortgage also reminds you to make sure you are overly stocked up on liquids, especially water.

Go with friends and/or family. If you can get a fun group together to go camping, you can have fun while saving money. Do this by carpooling and sharing gear.

Plan a weekday trip. Going camping over the weekend is the most expensive way to go. If you can, 9 Year Mortgage suggests planning a trip between Sunday and Thursday to save money on park fees and campsite fees.

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