9 Year Mortgage:Tips for Making Amusement Park Vacations Affordable

9 Year Mortgage:Tips for Making Amusement Park Vacations Affordable

If your kids are dreaming of a magical family trip to their favorite theme park, you might be dreading that extra expense. While amusement parks and theme parks do get expensive, those who do some homework ahead of time can find deals and savings allowing them to enjoy a wonderful vacation on an affordable budget. 9 Year Mortgage provides the following tips for making that dream vacation a reality for a little less.

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First, be selective deciding which park to visit.

The most popular parks like Disney Land, Disney World and Universal Studios are not the only option and you family could have just as much fun at a less crowded and less expensive park. There is fun to be had at theme parks all across the U.S. 9 Year Mortgage recommends you keep your options open as you select the location of your next theme park vacation. Consider visiting an amusement park closer to home allowing you to spend less time and money on travel and more time enjoying your break. Research in advance and find the park that best fits your budget as well as your family’s interests.

Second, be flexible with your vacation dates.

9 Year Mortgage advises you to avoid taking your trip during the peak of travel seasons and at other busy times of the year.  Amusement parks are commonly crowed around holidays like Christmas, during spring break as well as the middle of June and August. The busier the park is, the more time you’ll spend in lines rather than enjoying the rides and games you came for. At these busy times, you may even be tempted to pay for an extra day in the park in order to accommodate any rides you didn’t have time for or you could feel the need to upgrade your to a package that lets you bypass the long lines.

Keep in mind it is generally best to visit theme parks on a weekday rather than on a weekend when the majority of people go. Many parks and travel websites will provide information online letting you know when they anticipate being crowded, so plan accordingly. Doing a little research beforehand will let you beat the crowds and save you time and money on your trip.

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And third, be smart when picking where to stay.

9 Year Mortgage encourages you to first decide how much time you’ll want to spend at the park and then look for deals on lodging in the area. Expensive hotels at the resort or theme park are not the only option for lodging during your trip and you’ll often be charged extra fees for staying at the actual park. Many independent hotels not far from amusement parks will offer great deals when your family books ahead and buys park vouchers with your hotel room.

Additionally, depending on the park you choose, staying at a camp ground might be a cheaper, memorable alternative to paying for a hotel.  Not every hotel/ vacation packages is a good deal or right for your family so call around before committing to a hotel or campground. Finding the right deal on lodging for your trip can cut the cost of your family vacation substantially so take time in advance to research available discounts.

9 Year Mortgage encourages you to take time to make good memories with your family this summer. It is possible to spend a wonderful vacation with those you love without compromising your financially goals and well-being. Keep your budget in mind as you plan in advance to visit an amusement park with those who matter most in your life.

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