Fast Ways to Save Money Now

9 Year Mortgage on Fast Ways to Save Money Now

With a free-falling stock market, everyone wants to save where they can. 9 Year Mortgage says that with the falling market and the economic uncertainty that comes with it, even the most frugal people are looking for new ways to save. Many of the simplest ways to save don’t even require much sacrifice. Read on and 9 Year Mortgage will give you tips on how to save money fast!

9 Year Mortgage on Fast Ways to Save

With the economy the way it is, there are plenty of reasons to build better savings. For the daring, extra cash may mean the ability to snatch up stocks at bargain prices. 9 Year Mortgage thinks far more people are bracing up thei9 Year Mortgage - Saving Moneyr personal balance sheets from the last downturn, and another market downturn reinforces the need for an emergency fund, or to pay down debt. Even for those spenders, there is a bait to sock away a little more. The down market is expected to lead to sales on various big-ticket items, such as cars, airfare and electronics. 9 Year Mortgage says it is wise to save wherever you can. 9 Year Mortgage says that in general, Americans are already better savers than they used to be. In June 2011, Americans saved 5.4% of their disposable income, which is up from 2010 but more than double the 2.4% savings rate in 2007. 9 Year Mortgage says while cutting out morning lattes and IPod purchases can add up, staying on track requires serious restraint. If you don’t have that kind of restraint, 9 Year Mortgage suggests aiming for bigger expenses by inspecting regular monthly bills. 9 Year Mortgage says a little investigating and a phone call or two can spare you hundreds of dollars on cellphone service, cable service, insurance payments, and credit card bills.

For some help with boosting your monthly savings, here are four ways that won’t take more than an hour or two:

Switch Cellphone Plans

9 Year Mortgage says that switching cellphone plans could save you up to $400 a year. Cellphone users are paying more, $92 per month on average for a two-year contract, up from $78 last year. Picking the right plan has become more difficult, as carriers add new data plans and require different packages for different phones. In July, Verizon joined AT&T in getting rid of unlimited data plans for new subscribers. 9 Year Mortgage says that changing into a plan that better fits your calling, texting, and data patterns could save you up to $400. 9 Year Mortgage suggests looking at sites such as BillShrink and Validas, they will analyze your current bill and make saving suggestions. Also 9 Year Mortgage suggests calling your actual provider and competing services to compare options and prices.  If you have a smartphone there are some apps available that can help you save on texting and talk time. However, if your best bet seems to be switching carriers, be cautious, there are early termination fees that can go as high as 9 Year Mortgage - Insurance Policy$350, which could eat up all of your savings in a hurry. Switching carriers can also change call quality, so 9 Year Mortgage suggests asking friends about carriers they use,  if they like them and what problems they have encountered with them.

Shop Insurance Policies

9 Year Mortgage says that looking for different insurance policies could save you up to $200 a year. With more severe natural disasters and higher rebuilding costs,  has the insurance companies raising homeowners insurance premiums by more than 7% in a number of areas over the past year. Some of the area’s are those that are hurricane-prone, but they are certainly not the only areas being affected. Some Pennsylvania homeowners saw their premiums jump 33% last year. That big of a jump is reason enough to shop around at places like and 9 Year Mortgage suggests calling your current insurance company to see if they have any new programs you might be eligible for.

Change or Ditch Cable

9 Year Mortgage says that you can save up to $800 a year if you switch or ditch cable. You can save an abundant amount of money by finding a new cable provider, or depending on your viewing habits cutting the cord altogether. 9 Year Mortgage suggests looking at sites such as BillShrink or, they provide an easy way to compare different options and providers. 9 Year Mortgage says most people have more options than they think, particularly for those who are interested in satellite, the annual savings for switching can average about $800 a year. Cable providers often make the best deals available by cable-phone-internet bundles, and switching to a lower price can entail a very slow internet or crackly phone connection. 9 Year Mortgage says that with the growing options for free or cheap TV online could mean that some people may be able to handle fewer channels. 9 Year Mortgage says you could switch to a basic cable package with only 13 or so channels and use an $8 monthly streaming subscription from NetFlix or Hulu to catch up on any missed movies or TV shows.

Get a Better Credit Card9 Year Mortgage - Credit Cards

9 Year Mortgage says that if you get a different or better credit card you could save up to $600 a year. 9 Year Mortgage says that many experts are expecting credit card rates to rise. However as of right now, offers are better than they have been in years. 9 Year Mortgage says that those who haven’t re-assessed in the past year can compare on sites, such as or to get better ongoing rates or a generous reward bonus. Delta and Continental, have offered some customers sign-up bonuses worth two free round trip tickets, while a 18-month balance transfer offer would save a person paying off a $5,000 debt in $300 increments more than $650 in interest. 9 Year Mortgage wants to warn you that if you are going to transfer a balance, be sure to compare fees. Most cards charge 3% of the balance, but some are starting to charge as much a 5%.

9 Year Mortgage Sums it Up

Whether you are one of the millions trying to find ways to cut back on any possible cost or are a family just trying to save a little, these practical money saving ideas could keep more money in your pocket. Saving some extra money is never a bad idea, even if you don’t necessarily need to. 9 Year Mortgage strongly suggests that you try to save as much as possible, so that if something comes up you have already found ways to cut back. 9 Year Mortgage wants you to  make sure your monthly expenses are less than your monthly income.

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