Resources to Avoid Investment Scams

9 Year Mortgage with Resources to Avoid Investment Scams

Looking for investments with good returns and not so much risk? You are not the only one. 9 Year Mortgage says that scam artists know the  people that are hankering for such products and they are more than willing to s9 Year Mortgage - Investment Scamserve up financial opportunities that, surely, you can not miss. 9 Year Mortgage found a new collection of resources can help you stay clear of those doubtful investments and those that promote them.

9 Year Mortgage on The Resources to Look For.

9 Year Mortgage found that The Alliance for Investor Education has collected the top 12 resources to help investors distinguish between legitimate high-risk investments and deals that are just too good to be true. 9 Year Mortgage says that the organization is made up of leading financial-related foundations, nonprofit groups, associations and government agencies and they are highlighting the information in a new section on its website “Understanding High Risk Investments – What Investors Need to Know to Invest Safely and Wisely”. 9 Year Mortgage believes that with recent market fluctuations and the overall downturn in the economy, may be tempting to invest in something that offers a high rate of return. However 9 Year Mortgage says investors need to make sure they are investing in genuine financial product and that they understand the level of risk they are taking on. 9 Year Mortgage believes that if you are offered a high return with little to no risk, it is more than likely a scam.

Some other resources highlighted at the alliance’s website are:

“Top Investor Traps and Threats.” This is from the North American Securities Administrators Association. 9 Year 9 Year Mortgage - Investment ScamMortgage says the group has a annual list of financial products and practices that threaten to trap unwary investors. For instance a distressed real-estate schemes and “affinity fraud”. Scam artists who target religious groups and anything similar to that.

“Outrageous Advertising: A Survival Guide for Investors.” Which was published by the American Assoication of Individual Investors. 9 Year Mortgage says that this goes over the warning signs that people should watch for when reading an investment ad.

“Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense.” From the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. 9 Year Mortgage read about 10 red flags that should alert investors about fraud and offers self-defense moves for each. For instance: A financial adviser presents you with a private or exclusive investment that could be selling away. 9 Year Mortgage believes that they would be offering you an opportunity that their adviser’s employer doesn’t know about or does not supervise.

“Investment Risks” which was published by the Federal Trade Commission. 9 Year Mortgage says that it is a list of 10 pre-investment questions that you may ask both the person soliciting your business and yourself. For instance : 9 Year Mortgage suggests asking questions like “is the company I’m investing in registered to sell securities?” Al9 Year Mortgage - Investment Scam1so “Can I tell a genuine company from a fictional one?”

Ending it With 9 Year Mortgage

9 Year Mortgage wants you to remember that if you would like high returns, especially at a time when safe investments like certificates of deposit are returning 1% or less, you will have to take risks. 9 Year Mortgage also would like you to remember that a person who is promising you substantial return with little or no risk is likely offering something that he or she can not deliver. You don’t want to pour hundreds of dollars into something that ends up being a fake, so before making an investment go through and make sure you know what red flags to look for and what things you should ask.

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